4 Ways Orangetheory Fitness Helps You Conquer Your Fears

With the burn of Hell Week sizzling fresh in Orangetheory Fitness members’ minds, our Fit Fam across the nation is feeling strong enough to conquer their fears and take on all life has to offer.

Sinister sessions and horrifying rep counts have taken over Orangetheory Fitness studios across the nation. One full week of intense (and FUN) workouts has come to an end, and those brave enough to join 5 out of 8 challenging days were awarded with the infamous Orangetheory Fitness Hell Week shirt.

Instead of leaving us shaking in our sneakers, Hell Week has instilled in us a greater sense of bravery, strength, confidence, and fearlessness.

Hell Week reminds us that confronting our fears is challenging but can also be fun—and very rewarding. After all is said and done, we emerge stronger than ever and ready to take on the world. We learn to believe in ourselves and learn to trust that we truly can accomplish whatever we set our minds to.

Life offers us incredible experiences—from love, family, and a career to travel and adventure. And with those life experiences often come challenges and fears.

One of the most rewarding experiences for coaches and staff of Orangetheory Fitness is getting to see members grow stronger and more confident so they can fearlessly take on all life has to offer.

Opening soon in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, we’re excited to be part of not just your fitness journey—but also your life journey.

Here are 4 ways we’ve seen Orangetheory Fitness help members push through their challenges and fears:

     1.  The power of accomplishment

It doesn’t matter if OTF members just started or have been burning with Orangetheory for years. Whether they’re bragging to friends about surviving their first Hell Week or were recently recognized for reaching 500 workouts, there’s no denying a sense of accomplishment from seeing splat stats racking up, walking out of another workout well done, and receiving an email showing how many calories were burned today, this week, and this year.

Members of Orangetheory Fitness have made a commitment to burn for a better life, they’re actually doing it, and it feels awesome. They’re experiencing real, tangible results like a toned body, more energy, and better athletic performance in and out of the studio.

By pushing you to challenge yourself and rewarding you for going All Out, Orangetheory Fitness becomes a constant reminder that you are strong, dedicated, and able to conquer your fears every day.

If you can do this, you can do anything!

     2.  The energy to be your best self

Life comes with responsibilities—and it can get tough!

Many Orangetheory Fitness members work hard all day and still push themselves to burn hard here at OTF. They’ve got deadlines to meet, numbers to make, meetings to lead, and they’re vying for that next promotion and raise.

And to all the OTF moms and dads out there, we love you guys! You’re superheroes, best friends, and the ones who shape your children’s future.

Scary to think about messing up? Absolutely. But if anyone’s got this, it’s members of Orangetheory Fitness—and we’re here to help!

The more we run, row, and lift our way to successful results at Orangetheory Fitness, the more confident we are to succeed within our careers, families, and lives. With energy burning through our blood from crushing one workout after the next, we gain the focus to accomplish more at work and be active, engaged role models for our kids.

Whether our members are burning for family, career, or something else, we love doing our part to help them be their best. Orangetheory Fitness makes us strong, reliable, and confident in all that we do.

     3.  The self-assurance to strut your stuff

We’ve seen some amazing physical transformations achieved by members of Orangetheory Fitness—but we achieve way more than just a smaller dress size or lower number on the scale. Let’s talk about that feeling each Orangetheory workout will give you!

Sure, members may have been scared to wear that bikini or little black dress—and they’re not anymore. But it’s more than that. Now they’re not scared to be themselves.

Who cares what people think about you? You’re Orangetheory strong. You love who you are—and you should.

We love the freedom we feel when we’re able to start living life unashamed.

     4.  The strength to live a full life

YOLO! (You only live ORANGE!) This is your life—are you living it?

It can be scary to think about making sure you accomplish everything you want in life, but Orangetheory Fitness gives us the strength to live life to the fullest.

We love hearing about members’ sports, hobbies, travels, adventures, and passion. The energy we gain from burning at OTF translates into being able to do more of the things we love.

We love the Orange Life!

What are some fears or challenges you want to overcome?

We’re fierce and we’re fearless, and we can’t wait to help you Start Burning for a better life!

We can’t wait to open our brand new Orangetheory Fitness studio here in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Be one of our founding members and lock in discounted rates before we open. Don’t wait to commit to a better, stronger, fearless you!